Kaštela in 1,3,7 days

Kaštela in a day

Kaštela will be your love at first sight. You will instantly feel the contagious Dalmatian vibes, you will find the easy going lifestyle suitable and you will soon adapt to the Mediterranean atmosphere. If you are just passing by or if you are here for a day, you will want to return and stay longer, because this town made of seven historic villages can hardly be discovered in such a short time. However, don't give up. Visit its center, the picturesque Kaštel Lukšić and add a dash of romance to your visit of Kaštela. 

The legend about Miljenko and Dobrila, the misfortunate couple from the 17th century has been passed down for generations. Their noble families were in conflict and their love had a tragic end, just as in Shakespeare's best known tragedy Romeo and Juliet.  

For nearly four centuries, their story has lived in poems and plays, even celebrated at the Days of Miljenko and Dobrila, Kaštela's Festival of Love. The distance between Dobrila's Vitturi Castle, one of the nicest Renaissance castles that presently houses the Museum of the Town of Kaštela, and Miljenko's Rušinić Castle, fortified on a rock, is approximately a leisurely ten-minute walk by the seaside. An inseparable part of this visit is St. John's Chapel near Rušinac where the couple was buried. The tomb bears no name but only a dedication to love in two words: Pokoj ljubavnikom (May the lovers rest in peace).

If you are a fan of the global hit Game of Thrones, instead of going to Kaštel Lukšić, we suggest you go to Kaštel Gomilica and visit the Kaštilac, a beautiful citadel, the filming location of this popular series. Rising on a rock, connected with the mainland by a stone bridge, it truly seems surreal. It is the most beautiful picture from Kaštela and Dalmatia.