Kaštela in 1,3,7 days

Kaštela in 7 days

Seven days for seven Kaštelas. That's an option, too. A different village each day, and the seven of them create a far from typical town without the hustle and bustle, heavy traffic and stress. An ideal place for a relaxed travel, holiday, a summer break where nothing is a must and you will have enough time for everything, all in accordance with the well-known Dalmatian saying: Easy, no need to rush. With this in mind we recommend an even more attractive option for discovering Kaštela. 

A ride in a traditional Wine Carriage through Kaštel ŠtafilićKaštel NoviKaštel StariKaštel Lukšić and Kaštel Kambelovac, will show you the nicest Renaissance fortifications, old citadels that the villages were named after. You will stop by the 1,500-year-old olive tree that still yields olive oil. You will learn that Kaštela is the homeland of Zinfandel, known here as Crljenak kaštelanski, and in the authentic cellars of Kaštela's wine producers you'll enjoy a glass of this excellent wine. 

Your seven-day itinerary should include a visit to the Archbishop's palace in Kaštel Sućurac and the picturesque stone citadel Kaštilac in the neighboring Kaštel Gomilica which was the filming location for the global megahit Games of Thrones. It's even better to visit them by bike and then continue riding along the coast through all seven Kaštelas.  

You can ride a bike on the slopes of Kozjak and visit chapels and mountain lodges. There is no chance of getting lost as bike, hiking routes and mountain trails can be found on the interactive map. A day outdoor with the most beautiful view of the Kaštela Field, Kaštela Bay and the Dalmatian archipelago, will fill you with energy. 

Regardless of which Kaštela you are staying in, save a day for a walk through the center of Kaštel Lukšić where the best known couple in Kaštela, Miljenko and Dobrila lived in the 17th century. Their forbidden love had a tragic ending and the couple was buried in St. John's Chapel near Rušinac Castle, the home of Miljenko's family. Less than a ten-minute walk from the impressive Rušinac that rises on a rock from the sea, stands the beautiful Renaissance castle of Dobrila's family Vitturi, presently the Museum of the Town of Kaštela

Don't miss the chance to visit the Biblical Garden on the slopes of Kozjak, a mystic green oasis with the Chapel of St. Mary of Špiljan, better known as Our Lady of Stomorija. At the lookout with a view of the Kaštela Field and its Bay, is a small vineyard dedicated to the vine and peasant in which the Crljenak plays an important role. 

Make sure to plan a full-day trip to Split and Trogir, cities on UNESCO's World Heritage List, and possibly to the Roman Salona or the Medieval Town of Šibenik. Not far from there is Krka National Park and Biokovo Nature Park. Brač island is only a 45-minute ride by ferry. Everything seems to be close and within easy reach from Kaštela. 

Choose your pace and favorite activity, combine it with hedonism and have a break in one of Kaštela's cafés, restaurants or cellars with tasty and healthy Dalmatian dishes. In the summer months, after going for a swim on one of the twenty beaches, enjoy concerts or plays on the squares and parks of Kaštela. Your seven days will slip away... Visit us again!