Le cyclisme

All Seasons Trail

In Central Dalmatia, an area with more castles than settlements, you will discover an unusual town! Seven settlements formed around sixteen castles, which today are connected to one city, Kaštela. All seven are a real delight for any history, architecture and stunning view enthusiast. Whether you take a look at Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Kambelovac or Kaštel Sućurac that has the oldest defensive tower (1392), you will be seduced by their charm, each one unique and different. A further two historical treats await you on this road: Emperor Diocletian's Solin and Klis with its imposing fortress on the edge of the cliff. And at the end of the road, although Kaštela abounds in history, a wine secret will also be revealed to you. Toast with a glass of Crljenak kaštelanski: the indigenous Croatian black variety that is actually the popular American Zinfandel! That is to say that it has been confirmed that in the 1820s the Kaštela variety was transferred from the Viennese nursery to Long Island, from where, especially during the Gold rush, it spread through California and then took over America. Cheers!

Technical characteristics

The beginning of the trail leads along a straight road through Kaštele all the way to Solin, where the first and longest 9.2 km long climb with an average gradient of 4.7% begins, leading to Klis. After Klis comes a technically simple descent with gentle gradients and a ride on undulating terrain until it reaches the climb to Malačka from the north side. The climb is 4.9 km long with an average gradient of 5% and a number of hairpin bends. The descent from the southern side of Malačka is 8.4 km long with a constant average gradient of 5%, also along hairpin bends. The descent is extremely dynamic and offers many breath-taking views, but you should definitely ride carefully. The entire trail is ridden on wide two-way roads, and compact crankset is not required due to the gentle gradients on the climbs. The trail is suitable for all cyclists who regularly cycle 3 - 4 times a week.