Ostrog School Botanical Garden

School Botanical Garden of the Ostrog Primary School

Soon after relocation of the primary school in Kaštel Lukšić to the new building in1976, cultivation of completely neglected area around the school started. From the very beginning whole work was done by teachers and students.

On the 4 hectares of land more than 1400 different plants is growing, originating from all over the world. However, most of the plants originate from Mediterranean subtropical climate. The larger part of the park is arboretum built in the landscape style of an English park.

The southern garden the richest part of the school botanical garden due to its size and micro-climate. There are groups of autochthonous and exotic trees, bushes and flowers such as camphor tree, eucalyptus, avocado, acacia, sequoia, cedar of Lebanon, cedar of the Himalayas, jasmine, bougainvillea.

Very interesting is the group of aromatic and medicinal plants, plants of rocky terrains and a field with plants of humid habitats.

There is the "little park" built in the French style at the northern garden. It is built in strictly symmetrical lines with low box-wood hedges and a rich collection of oleanders. There is a stone stage for cultural and artistic events at this place.
Olive grove with its 170 trees and 45 domestic and foreign species of olives is an integral part of the garden. It is the largest collection grove on the Croatian Littoral.